The Office of Public School Construction’s (OPSC) Executive Officer Lisa Silverman joined local officials in two grand opening ceremonies on August 23 at schools in the Lake Tahoe Unified School District: South Tahoe High’s sports medicine facility, and Bijou Community School’s classroom wing.

 Approximately 290 students will benefit from the new facility at South Tahoe High. The construction of the facility bolsters the local economy through the creation of over 40 jobs and the purchase of building materials.

The South Tahoe High project received approximately $2.2 million in state funding from the Career Technical Education Facilities Program (CTEFP) for the construction of one classroom and includes space for hand therapy, whirlpool therapy, physical therapy and conditioning, and swimming. The academy will offer students two career paths: athletic fitness trainer or physical therapist. Students will be able to take courses leading to certification in first aid, CPR , AED (automated external defibrillator), and personal training. The grant also provided structural renovation of the weight room to accommodate its connection to the new building.

The project at Bijou Community School (pictured) provided approximately 225 students a place to learn, while the construction of the school bolsters the local economy through the creation of almost 70 jobs and the purchase of building materials.

The Bijou Community School project received approximately $3.6 million in state funding from the Overcrowding Relief Grant (ORG) and High Performance Incentive (HPI) grant programs to replace nine portable buildings with a permanent building consisting of nine classrooms with high performance energy and environmental sustainability features including site selection, water conservation, enhanced indoor environmental quality, sustainable materials and energy efficiency; and new exterior paint for the whole campus. The grant relieved overcrowding by restoring hard court and play fields to their intended use.

The CTEFP provides money for the construction of facilities that integrate Career Technical Education programs into comprehensive high schools, which creates a pathway to postsecondary education and careers for the students. The Overcrowding Relief Grant Program enables districts to reduce the number of portable classrooms on overcrowded school sites and replace them with permanent classrooms. The HPI grant program is a supplemental grant available to school districts implementing energy efficiency, water conservation, and other sustainable building elements into their projects.

OPSC serves as staff to the State Allocation Board and implements and administers a $35 billion voter-approved school facilities construction program.


Written by California Department of General Services

The Department of General Services (DGS) serves as business manager for the state of California. General Services helps to better serve the public by providing a variety of services to state agencies through procurement and acquisition solutions, real estate management and design, environmentally friendly transportation, professional printing, design and web services, and funding for the creation and construction of safe schools. The DGS vision: Excellence in the Business of Government!

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