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The Calif. Department of General Services today announced the winners of the 2013 DGS Values Awards presented to a small group of employees who were nominated by their peers for demonstrating an especially strong commitment to the department’s mission, vision, goals, and core values of Integrity, Accountability, Communication, Excellence, Innovation, and Teamwork. Watch DGS videos about all the winners

Winners include eight individuals and four teams:

  • Candace Melehani, Real Estate Services Division
  • Dan Levernier, Division of the State Architect
  • James Beesley, Real Estate Services Division
  • Maria Gassoumis, Real Estate Services Division
  • Mina Auerbach, Enterprise Technology Solutions
  • Paris Rivera, Office of State Publishing
  • Phyllis Powers, Procurement Division
  • Sylvia Calderon, Real Estate Services Division
  • Asbestos-Containing Materials Team, Real Estate Services Division (Robert Hays, Farin Henson, Henry Keesee, Craig Sheetz, Terry Smith, Ronnie Wood, and Gary Wright)
  • Certification Team, Division of the State Architect (Bob Chase, Will Herald, Ryan Huxley, Craig Rush, Chip Smith, Linda Van Dyke, and Puja Vats)
  • Pharmaceutical Acquisitions Section, Procurement Division (Kelli Berliner, Gregory Doe, Vimbai Kajese, Rhonda Kitchen, Mike Namba, Mary Anne Selvage, and Elizabeth Winward)
  • Purchasing Services Section, Office of Business and Acquisition Services (Tanya Aviles-Medeiros, Sheri Birkmaier, Charis Bledsoe, Richard Brown, Bruce Catalano, Punita Chandra, Eileen Coggins, Cathy Duggan, Raymond Estey, Leticia Garcia, Grace Glover, Randy Graybill, DeDe Ireland, Kathy Kinman, Walter Lee, Jonee Oden, Dahya Patel, Erica Seghesio-Groves, Freddie Sells, Cathy Sharp, Laura Stumpf, Susan Taylor, Sonya Thomas, and  Barbara Verarde; Supervisors: Molly Lovett, Elizabeth Parker, and Rebecca Peters)

Written by California Department of General Services

The Department of General Services (DGS) serves as business manager for the state of California. General Services helps to better serve the public by providing a variety of services to state agencies through procurement and acquisition solutions, real estate management and design, environmentally friendly transportation, professional printing, design and web services, and funding for the creation and construction of safe schools. The DGS vision: Excellence in the Business of Government!

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