Courtesy May is Bike Month
Courtesy May is Bike Month

Today marks the kickoff for a month-long of activities that will make a positive impact on the environment. We hope you will choose your bicycle as a mode of transportation now and all year round as part of the May is Bike Month campaign happening across the Sacramento region!

To learn about the benefits of bicycling, check out this video featuring DGS acting director Esteban Almanza: DGS: Ready to Roll During May is Bike Month!

For information on activities happening this month, view the May is Bike Month poster.

Written by California Department of General Services

The Department of General Services (DGS) serves as business manager for the state of California. General Services helps to better serve the public by providing a variety of services to state agencies through procurement and acquisition solutions, real estate management and design, environmentally friendly transportation, professional printing, design and web services, and funding for the creation and construction of safe schools. The DGS vision: Excellence in the Business of Government!

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