Winners Announced for State’s First-Ever GreenGov Challenge Code-a-thon

A better way to track how state agencies are performing when it comes to buying greener, environmentally preferable products to serve the citizens of California won first place honors in the first-ever GreenGov Challenge code-a-thon held over the weekend in West Sacramento.

The winning team — Insight — was one of 14 finalists in the competition hosted by the California Government Operations Agency and the Department of General Services, along with the Department of Technology and many other state partners.

The CA GreenGov Challenge engaged the civic coding community to better show the work the state is doing to combat climate change. It is part of Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr.’s ongoing effort to promote innovation in state government. Participants used open data from a pilot open data portal, , to create visualizations, apps and other tools to help improve government sustainability practices.

The code-a-thon was established as a result of Assembly Bill 2138, which created a contest to provide an opportunity for Californians to share ways to improve state government. This bill required Governor Brown to designate three state agencies to participate in a pilot program in 2015 to award cash prizes to eligible participants in innovation contests; known as 25K Find a New Way.

Winners presentations include the following:

Judges for the GreenGov Challenge include the following:

Photo: From left to right, Scott Gregory, Anne Neville, Daniel C. Kim, Mike Philips (first-place winner), Zac Palin (first-place winner), Randall Winston, Christopher Cabaldon, Amy Tong.

See all photos on our DGS Flickr page.

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